What the heck is it? It is a videobook—as opposed to a textbook—which can serve as a standalone course or can be used to supplement a traditional textbook. Recent years have seen a dramatic change in how many courses are taught. Easy availability of technology platforms, new modes of communication, and innovative approaches to teaching are making it possible to deliver courses in a more effective manner. With this backdrop, we are providing a comprehensive set of 81 short videos that covers the entire breadth of the Principles course. The videos have been carefully scripted and enhanced with graphics to make them more engaging.

It works! Real improvement in student performance. And they will love you for it! This approach has proven to be highly effective when used as a “prelearning” tool in a “flipped” classroom setting in conjunction with traditional lectures. On an average, student performance went up by almost two sub-grades; and it proved effective across genders and ethnicities. About three out of four students preferred lectures in combination with online videos (“Online Video Modules for Real Improvement in Student Learning,” Journal of Business Education, 2016, No. 1, pp. 19-22. To get a copy of this manuscript, please contact Professor Chiranjeev Kohli at kohli@mastermarketingprinciples.com). Beyond the improvement in performance, it was also well-liked by students. Research has shown that in a hybrid learning environment, visual and audio materials are important to a successful learning process. This is particularly true for the incoming generation of students. Finally, in end-of-the-semester course evaluations, a significant proportion of students described the videos in extremely favorable terms, even when no question was directed specifically at the videos.

It will make your class a Swiss army knife of learning! Use this any way you want. This can be used as a prelearning tool in a traditional lecture setting—resulting in a flipped classroom. Alternatively, this can be used as an equivalent of an online course, and supplemented with any textbook or your own notes. In either case, it frees valuable class time, which can be used in a variety of ways as follows:
1. Go into in-depth discussion of the more important concepts.
2. Discuss real life cases from current events.
3. Have engaging discussions or cooperative learning exercises on the concepts.
4. Do critical thinking exercises; e.g., case analyses.
5. Provide hybrid learning opportunities. Students can master the concepts by viewing online videos, possibly obviating the need for (at least some) class sessions—if that’s what you desire. The students may even appreciate some time off from class meetings.

It is easy to set up…easier than a microwave meal! It is all ready to go “right out-of-the-box,” with minimal time investment on your part. It is a comprehensive course package with no unnecessary frills. Nothing else is needed. This is particularly beneficial if you are teaching the course for the first time.

We will provide the spoon and forks too. Yes, it is that easy to use. Whether you are teaching for the first time or are a continuing instructor, these videos can enrich your course, improve student learning, and make it easy for you to manage your course. Some of the key benefits are as follows:
1. We will provide PowerPoint slides, corresponding to each video. We will also provide assessment tools, such as review quizzes and exams. You can then edit these or add more to suit your preferences.
2. Since Principles of Marketing is a foundation course, a very large number of concepts need to be covered in limited class time, resulting in rather shallow discussions. Having students review the materials gives you a lot of flexibility.
3. Also, you do not have to constantly update to new textbook editions, which often have minimal changes. For the same reason, it offers students affordability—a major initiative at many universities.

In conclusion, as an instructor, you are getting the most effective, to the point, and easy to implement solution for your course. It will save you a lot of time and effort. And, your students will appreciate the value it offers.

But, please remember, each student can view the video only four times. That’s plenty, and we had to do this to prevent code-sharing.

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Contact us. We are good people and like to help everyone! Please contact Professor  Chiranjeev Kohli at kohli@mastermarketingprinciples.com  if you have questions or need assistance on the course; or contact us here.